Shopify Bookkeeping Expert
Accounting & Tax Services for Shopify Sellers

Aman Khan

I help Shopify Sellers navigate sales tax, write off merchant fees and maximize tax deductions.


What I do

Bookkeeping Specialist Shopify

Bookkeeping Services

I focus on providing E-commerce specific bookkeeping service to ensure revenue and expenses on a platform like Shopify are captured accurately. I utilize QuickBooks Online to maximize tax deductions and have your company’s books be ready for tax time.


Sales Tax Compliance

Selling online products and services remotely could trigger nexus in different locations and states. I will work with you and your company to analyze potential risks and help be sales tax compliant in every US state. I will also assist in collection and remittance of sales tax in a timely fashion to avoid penalties and interest fees.

Shopify Sale Tax Advisor
Online Bookkeeping Service

CFO Services

Running a Shopify business means collecting payments from customers as well as paying to your suppliers. I offer CFO services that that cover Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Flow Projections & Budget Preparation aspects of your business. I will aid your company’s growth by providing useful advantageous analysis that will guarantee you make sound financial decisions for your business.

Why Choose Me

Accurate Bookkeeping


Providing accurate and relevant information that will help your Shopify store grow


Facilitating an e-commerce financial strategy that is tailored towards towards your business

Hassle Free

While you concentrate on increasing your sales, I will focus on making your accounting books tax compliant and error free

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