CFO Services

Whether you have just started your Shopify business or have built an empire already, CFO services for Shopify are something you need at all stages of the Shopify business cycle. I am a credible Shopify CFO Specialist with great expertise to help businesses manage their finances. I am operating in the industry for several years and understand how the right financial decisions and management can help businesses fuel their growth. I help Shopify businesses navigate sales tax, write off merchant fees and maximize tax deductions. My core expertise lies in inventory controls, fundraising, and taxes.

Get accurate account statements every month

My CFO Services for E-commerce Business cover all aspects of your business and help you grow. Every month, you get an accurate account statement for your business which includes metrics such as inventory statement, merchant fees, cost–of–goods–sold, and more. I maintain your books and deliver unmatched accuracy!

Customized CFO Services for Ecommerce Business

As a Shopify CFO Specialist, I have worked with several businesses and observed their unique requirements. I design CFO services as per the requirements of the businesses. This helps in establishing a strong financial foundation for the business and skyrocket the growth. When you have a finance expert working for you, you can rely on the data for future projections as the data and reports are 100% accurate.

Comprehensive CFO Services

My Virtual CFO Services cover all your financial requirements. With the best industry knowledge and understanding of the Shopify platform, I help you with all aspects of the financial element of your business. Whether it is budgeting, accounts receivable or payable, I am here to help. My aim is to help businesses navigate accounting complexities without any hassle. I combine quantitative and qualitative analytics and deliver financial intelligence that helps businesses make informed decisions.

Make your financial management hassle-free and take out the stress. Let me take charge of your books and boost financial visibility to make better decisions.


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